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The business was born about 15 years ago as a small artisan company of assembly of curtain walls and windows indicated by the name of its founder: “Mr. Iorneia Ion". Thanks to a team of serious and capable collaborators, selected by Mr. Jornea, the company has taken on ever-increasing dimensions over the years, becoming a professionally reliable and competitive interlocutor.
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The primary commitment of the company has always been the professional evolution of its collaborators, therefore every single employee has taken part in:

  • Training course on safety in the workplace
  • Training course on work carried out at great heights
  • Professional training course concerning the use of machines for lifting at height
  • Training course for the use of forklift trucks for sorting materials
  • Training course on the use of latest generation sealing materials
  • Courses on electrode, wire or oxy-acetylene welding techniques including types concerning the welding of particular metals such as aluminium, steel and alloys
  • Participation in a course, specially created, with the help of Master Mountaineers / Rock Climbers, for the techniques to be used in the case of activities possible only in ropes


In 2016 the company, expanding the areas of its intervention, took on a new legal status, taking the name of "Navigo Maris Ltd" based in Malta.

The “Navigo Maris Ltd“ also operates in the cruise ship sector and, to be closer and serve customers better, other companies have been created in some European countries to deal immediately with urgent requests:

  • Navigo Maris Ltd France
  • Navigo Maris Ltd Finland
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